Calcium silicate

Calcium Silicate is produced from high grade asbesto-free fibre. It is produced with stringent quality control at every stage of its production to meet the high standard required by our customers.

There are many good reasons for using Calcium Silicate and some of the advantages as follows:

1. Asbestos-Free

It is produced from high grade asbestos-free fibre.

2. Non-Toxic and environment Friendly

There are no chemical reactions at high temperatur.

3. Low Conductor of Heat

It can withstand very high temperatures of up to 650°C without any change in its properties and remains stable during operation. Its low thermal conductivity means that it has ability to withstand high temperature and provides effective insulation to protect, equipment and operator.

4. Easy Instalation

Calcium Silicate is lightweight and durable. It has superior flexural strength compressive strength and wear resistance. It is easy and convenient to install and it is also neat and tidy to the suroundings.

5. Non-Corrosive

It does not cause any corrosive effect to the material being insulated as it reamins stable at any temperature up to 650°C.

6. Water Resistance

It is resistant to water, steam, and moisture. Its insulating effect reamin unchanged whether it is in wet or dry condition.

Standard Dimension

A. Silicate Blocks

Lenght : 610 mm

Width : 50 – 300 mm

Thickness : 25 – 100 mm

B Silicate Pipe Covers

Lenght : 610 mm

Width : Ø32 – Ø2000 mm

Thickness : 25 – 100 mm